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Welcome to Karma’s World! If you would like to expand the lessons that are offered on this site, we have lesson plans prepared for you to use in the classroom or fun learning moments to experience at home. Our goal is to help children understand that learning is fun and can take place in school, at home or anywhere in the world they go as long as they remain curious, open-minded, hard-working and compassionate.

Each time the Karma’s World website is refreshed, there will be new lesson plans for teachers and tips for parents that reflect the three subjects taught on the site.

Lesson Downloads

Today’s lesson plans were written for third grade teachers. When the site is refreshed, you will find new lesson plans for another grade level.

Img_parentsteachers_karma Lesson 1 – Third Grade – Science

Students will learn that the Earth is one of eight planets that orbit the sun. They will also learn a way to remember the planets in order from the sun.

Lesson 2 – Third Grade – Geography

Students will learn to identify several geographical features in their local region.

Lesson 3 – Third Grade – Math

Students will learn to compare equivalent fractions (e.g. ¼ = 2/8).


Parents can help their children learn specific subjects by supplementing their school work with fun activities, books, outings and movies. Here are a few tips on how to expand the educational material that’s on the Karma’s World website today.

Img_parentsteacher_luda Lesson 1

Teach fractions in the kitchen as you discover new ways of talking about the food you’re preparing for your children.

Lesson 2

Discover these books and films that deal with geography in a fun way for children of various ages.

Lesson 3

A trip to an observatory is one way a child can learn a lot about the solar system. There are more ways to learn – and all of them fun!